Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend (and a mini fostering update)


The weather was finally nice enough for Alice to play in her new house!
The plan was to spray paint it to look like this.
Hasn't happened, yet.
But, as is, she says, "My house is SOOO beautiful!"

We dyed eggs.

And she received her Easter basket.
It contained nail polish, bracelets, bubble bath, toothbrushes,
and a chocolate bunny.
Guess what she was most excited about? 
Shocking, I know.

This morning...

These two melt my heart!

Happy Easter to all and to all a good night!

PS- Our little foster baby is still with us, clearly. :)
She's almost 7 months old and doing great!
I take a bajillion pictures of her, too, I just cannot post photos of her without blurring her face.
If God and the court-powers-that-be decide she should stay in our family,
you will be bombarded with pictures of her cuteness.
As for a timeline, it's anyone's guess.
She's supposed to be in a permanent home by July,
but we're thinking it'll be more like the end of 2013.
It's a messy system, folks.

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Kelly said...

You would not think it would be so incredibly difficult to get these precious babies into forever homes. She is lucky to have you guys now and hopefully in the future too!