Monday, April 1, 2013






It's become my goal to make my girls wear white Easter dresses for as long as 
they'll allow it/ I can bribe them to wear them. 
So far, we're 4 for 4!
She's wearing the same dress in the last 2 pictures.
It's a 3T, so it was a little big on her last year, but perfect this year.
That's the best $1.99 Goodwill Easter dress find!


Cathy V said...

you weren't kidding about how much she has changed in the last year. she was just a baby last year and now is such a grown up kid!

Miss G said...

I love the white dress idea! I have a white dress that I bought for this little girl who we're waiting to meet that is a two year old size thinking that it would be a neat Easter dress so maybe I'll have to find one for next year too and tuck it away.

Also, at the Arc on Academy they had a GREAT rack of Easter dresses (obviously, they wouldn't all have to be for Easter, especially if you're sticking with white for Easter) for several weeks before Easter - great clothes at great prices!

Just a thought for the future. Kelly

Amy said...

Oh my gosh! Love those pictures! That first one is precious!! {sigh}