Sunday, May 12, 2013

Alys Beach

My mom so generously and graciously decided to take her daughters on a beach getaway.
(Alys is pronounced like Alice.)

My husband quickly said "of course you should go!", 
took off a couple days from work to be with the girls,
and was super dad for 4 days and 3 nights.

It was heavenly!

This is where we stayed:
It's a brand new beach house.
We were the first people to rent it.
Every single detail of it was extravagant! 

I even had my own room!

15 week baby belly:

My mom and I:

Chrissy and I:
(My weird smile is from the cold water reaching my feet.
I got into the ocean zero times.
I like to look at it, not swim in it.)

(I didn't get a picture of Cassie or Gigi on my phone. Rats!)

There was also a pool:

It was an incredible trip...
every single moment of it!

Thank you, Mom and Ben, for making this happen!


Laura said...

I am soooo going to do that with my girls someday!!! LOVE IT!!

Amy said...

What an awesome mom! I love family trips like that. :) And you look great!!! So excited for you!!