Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Things I don't want to forget (Alice edition)

1. Alice's Prayer.
Alice woke up yesterday morning and said she had a dream about Cookie.
(She calls my friend Carey, Cookie.)
She said Cookie wasn't feeling well.
Then, she closed her eyes and folded her cubby little hands and said,
"Dear Jesus,
Thank you for Cookie.
Please help her to feel better.

I called Carey to tell her about it.
We both had tears in our eyes as Carey explained to me that 
she had a bad headache though the night,
but now it was gone.

My little girl felt the Lord urging her to pray for our friend,
and she did.

I picked this picture because it makes me smile.
It's the Klenke family, with Alice.
Carey has been like her second mama from the beginning.

I also had to explain to Alice why she cannot marry Cookie.
I have no idea where she gets this stuff!

2. Danger.
I told Alice no about something. 
Likely, her 100th popsicle request of the day.
Alice: "Don't say no to me.
That's dangerous!"

Learning so many new words...
just using so many out of context. 
It's awesome.

3. Boys.
Yesterday in the car.
Alice: "I don't like boys.
The only boy I like is my boy.

This, I'm pretty sure she learns this boy stuff from the big girls at preschool. :)
There are also many boys she adores, so I know it's something she overheard somewhere.

4. Baby.
Alice is VERY into the baby growing in my belly.
She comes up to me many times a day, kisses my belly, and says, "I love your baby, mama."

She's pretty convinced there's a little girl in there, though the rest of the world seems to say boy.
When I asked what we should name the baby, if a girl, she suggested Barbara.
She then suggested we name her Alice.

We find out next Wednesday for sure!

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Carey said...

I love her. The end.