Sunday, June 9, 2013

What a weekend!

We came out of a store to find a beetle car parked right next to us!
Alice's beetle obsession has not simmered down even one bit.
She can spot them from a mile away!
So, this absolutely made her day:
Now she wants a pink beetle car WITH eyelashes!

It was a weekend of foster care perks.
(Doesn't happen often, so it's fun when it does!)

The circus!
Alice LOVED it!
She was worried about the clowns.
But, I explained to her that their job is to try to make you laugh.
Thankfully, the clowns didn't have crazy clown makeup on and she thought they were funny.

A trip to the North Pole!
This place is generally super pricy, so we jumped on the offer for us to go for $1/each!
It was so great!
I'd love to go back again.

Ben was such a good always.
He's a fantastic daddy!

She even rode a ride by herself!
(Literally all by herself. I'm thankful it wasn't very crowded there today.)
I couldn't get over how big she looked out there.

She picked out her clothes.
Can you tell?
I think it's because I told her we were going to a special place.
So, she picked out a special outfit, naturally.

All in all, a busy, but super fun weekend!

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