Thursday, July 18, 2013


Her name means merciful.
We love it and think it's perfect for her!

She will go by Clementine.
No nicknames...
unless she decides to want one later.

I keep trying to write about how to properly and politely respond 
when you do not like the name a couple has chosen for their baby.
In short, the only appropriate response to the parent is something like,
"Awe! I'm excited to meet her!"

I'll spare you the story of why I think this is important to say.
Makes my blood pressure rise just thinking about it.
{deep breath}


adwellingplacewithin said...

WE LOVE THAT NAME! Its on our name list for future babies. And I couldn't agree more about ppls ideas on name they don't like. So happy for you all.

Adrienne said...

I love the name too...I don't understand people that have the audacity to tell you anything else...I really do love the name thou:)

Elisa said...

That is seriously adorable! Will she have a middle name?

Laura @ Butler Life said...

I love Clementine! So precious! And that's why we didn't tell anyone Nash's name until he was born; not even our parents! We didn't want to hear opinions. :)

Also, wouldn't you think people would be happy if you picked a name they didn't love? Then their favorite ones are still available for them to use! Haha!

CSB said...

First, I love the name Clementine and think it's absolutely perfect for your family -- as I know you on this blog anyway.

Second, I want to say a particular thanks for sharing your story of the baby you are fostering, and know that I am praying and hoping that she joins your family forever. I live in Northern VA, have two little girls (and similar parenting ideas), and am not sure how I found your blog originally. I just cry every time I read what you write about her. It is very hard for me to see how you love and nurture her, and then stomach the legal uncertainties. You and your husband inspire me with your love and optimism. I wish my husband and I had the courage to do what you are doing, by exposing your heart for the benefit of this precious child.

We love you and Alice out here in blogland. Best wishes and can't wait to "meet" Clementine when she arrives! Best, best wishes ... C

Lindsey Jo said...

LOVE the name clementine! people and their opinions can just go on.

Miss G said...

Clementine!! Adorable!! I love that it means merciful too! I didn't know that and I think that's perfect. And I also think it is really fun how both Alice and Clementine have books with characters that share their names. I think the Clementine books are fun and funny.

And yes, people in general should just stay pretty quiet around pregnant women. :) There are so many, many ways they can mess up in what they say! Names are such a big deal and EVERYONE has an opinion. Bleh. Kelly