Saturday, August 31, 2013

Catching up...

Ben and I are sitting in a cafe...
while our girls are having a blast playing...
at the "gym".
I love this place.
Worth every. single. penny.

So, I'm finally getting caught up on the ole blog! :)

This one is obsessed with all things ballet right now.
She still loves beetle cars, too.
She even told me she wants a beetle car birthday party when she turns 4.
I SO hope she doesn't change her mind before then.
I'm sure she will.

I love this picture:
Such a typical after-dinner scene around here.

Ben played Ultimate Frisbee this summer.
We went out to watch him play his last game.
(He was on the pink team. :) )

I don't think I've written much about it, 
but our family has been completely wheat-free since the beginning of May.
We did it to see if it would help with some belly issues Alice was having.
And it did!
She has handled the dietary change amazingly well,
often asking, "Does this have wheat in it?" before eating foods she's offered.
I try to always have a good wheat-free option on hand for when the other children have yummy, wheaty treats.
Our friends and family have also been amazingly supportive!

We were driving down the road when she saw an ice cream shop.
"Mama, does that ice cream have wheat in it?"
It made my heart ache.
(Silly, I know.)
She didn't ask if she could have it...wanted to know if it had wheat in it first.
I immediately pulled over and surprised her with ice cream before dinner.
I loved her reaction:

The little one is almost 1.
She loves pushing this walking toy around.
She'll be walking on her own in no time!
It's so amazing to watch her hit developmental milestones on target.
Truly amazing!

Ballet, Beetle cars, Chapstick.

Playing outside

I love how much Alice loves playing outside.
It's not unusual for her to go out several times a day
and play independently!

And I love that I can see her and hear her easily from the kitchen and living room.
I make Jack stay outside with her, too. :)

These are from after a big afternoon storm.
We forgot to put the lid on the sandbox,
which made for even more fun.

Get messy, little one!
It's good for you.

Making "cakes":


We went camping with friends last weekend!
Camping with littles is hard, but they had a blast, which made it all worth it.

Here's a few pictures:
(Thanks, Steve!!)

Roasting marshmallows with Ben- 
She looks so much like 1982 me in this picture.

We camped near a reservoir.
The kids had SO much fun playing in the sand and water.

Scene from the campsite...all the big kids...and Jennifer. :)

The big girls:

4 families=
7 kids aged 3 1/2 and younger.
I'm proud of all of us for going. :)

31 weeks

I was looking back at the little week-to-week pregnancy posts I wrote a few years ago.
Here's the one when I was 31 weeks with Alice. 

And with Clementine-

31 weeks from the outside:

31 weeks from the inside:

I also did a little question deal, so here's my very first one for this pregnancy:

How far along? 
31 weeks. 
6-11 weeks until we get to meet her!

Total weight gain/loss: 
16 pounds. 
10 less than where I was when I was with Alice.
(Maybe because we aren't eating wheat?
Or because I'm caring for 2 active little ones?)

How big is baby? 
Around 3.3 pounds, according to the Interwebs.

Maternity clothes? 
The same ones over and over again.
I'm ready for Fall!
I have plenty of Fall/Winter clothes from being pregnant with Alice.

Stretch marks? 
Just the faded ones from the very end of Alice's pregnancy.
Hoping for no new ones this go round.
But really, I don't care.
People who see my belly= Ben and me.
That's it and that's all.

Pretty good!
Little baby S is sleeping through the night now.
We're enjoying this short season of sleep.

Best moment this week: 
Not pregnancy related, but we had court on Wednesday for little S.
It went very different than we were expecting, 
but in a good (hoping she'll get to stay with us) way.
We'd love your prayers.
The case is getting a little nutty.

Same as with Alice.
She is an active baby girl!
I've taken lots of videos of my belly jumping around like crazy.
Just today, Ben was watching it move from across the room.

Food cravings: No real cravings.
I mean, I could always go for some Talenti,
but that's just me being Melissa...
and it being 8 million degrees outside.

Still a girl.
We had the ultrasound tech double check this morning. :)

Labor Signs: 
Still have awhile before that happens...I hope!

Belly Button in or out? 
It's weird.
I don't want to talk about it.

What I am looking forward to: 
I love all things Fall.
Bring it!

Weekly Wisdom: 
I can't think of any I've heard lately.

But, I saw this video and LOVED it.
I'm carrying our Rainbow Baby (the baby who comes after a loss)
and this video beautifully shows how awesome home birth can be.

What a sweet way to capture the birth.
That little girl is going to LOVE watching that video someday. 


We woke the girls and headed downtown to the Balloon Classic this morning.
The weather was perfect!
Such a fun event in our city!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bathroom Updating

This is what our bathroom looked like when we bought our home:
Builder grade everything...
mirror, lights, cabinets (incl. one missing), shower, towel bars.

After living here for 2 years, this is what our bathroom looked like:
(only posting so you can see another view. how embarrassing!)
Exact same, only messy.
After searching for months for a cabinet door that matched,
I gave up and went with one that is the same size.
(I try not to let it drive me crazy until I find a match.)

But, with the baby coming in next 9-14 weeks, 
I figured it was time to do some work in here.
I mean, this might be the first room Clementine sees!

Here's the big "after" picture:

Installed towel hooks, painted the stool, removed a mirror, hung a shelf,
painted the cabinets, framed the builder grade mirror, and replaced the light fixture.

Hung another shelf/hooks instead of the towel bar,
curtains, privacy film on the shower.

And done!
(for now)

The best part was that it only cost about $100.
Until we're rolling in the dough and can do an actual remodel,
this will do!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

These two...

Alice has been asking some hard questions...
"Was S in your belly? Why not?"
"Why is [bio mom] S's mama?"
She hasn't asked why bio mom isn't taking care of S,
but I'm sure that's next. 

This is messy.
We're all in love with that baby girl.
Alice is completely convinced that she's her sister.

We don't know what the future holds.
There have been some changes in the case that have made it seem even more unknown.

We wait.
We trust.
We continue to hear from God that this is what He has called us to...
and to stay on this path.

...but I just wish I knew!

On a different note,
I went to an emergency dentist yesterday.
It was awful.
But, the dentist did make me laugh.

He pointed to my belly and asked,
"When does that come out?"

Just when I thought I've heard it all!
Sometimes it's just so shocking what people will say!