Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bathroom Updating

This is what our bathroom looked like when we bought our home:
Builder grade everything...
mirror, lights, cabinets (incl. one missing), shower, towel bars.

After living here for 2 years, this is what our bathroom looked like:
(only posting so you can see another view. how embarrassing!)
Exact same, only messy.
After searching for months for a cabinet door that matched,
I gave up and went with one that is the same size.
(I try not to let it drive me crazy until I find a match.)

But, with the baby coming in next 9-14 weeks, 
I figured it was time to do some work in here.
I mean, this might be the first room Clementine sees!

Here's the big "after" picture:

Installed towel hooks, painted the stool, removed a mirror, hung a shelf,
painted the cabinets, framed the builder grade mirror, and replaced the light fixture.

Hung another shelf/hooks instead of the towel bar,
curtains, privacy film on the shower.

And done!
(for now)

The best part was that it only cost about $100.
Until we're rolling in the dough and can do an actual remodel,
this will do!


Miss G said...

Great job!!

adwellingplacewithin said...

looks so good! I love how fresh it feels!