Saturday, August 31, 2013

Catching up...

Ben and I are sitting in a cafe...
while our girls are having a blast playing...
at the "gym".
I love this place.
Worth every. single. penny.

So, I'm finally getting caught up on the ole blog! :)

This one is obsessed with all things ballet right now.
She still loves beetle cars, too.
She even told me she wants a beetle car birthday party when she turns 4.
I SO hope she doesn't change her mind before then.
I'm sure she will.

I love this picture:
Such a typical after-dinner scene around here.

Ben played Ultimate Frisbee this summer.
We went out to watch him play his last game.
(He was on the pink team. :) )

I don't think I've written much about it, 
but our family has been completely wheat-free since the beginning of May.
We did it to see if it would help with some belly issues Alice was having.
And it did!
She has handled the dietary change amazingly well,
often asking, "Does this have wheat in it?" before eating foods she's offered.
I try to always have a good wheat-free option on hand for when the other children have yummy, wheaty treats.
Our friends and family have also been amazingly supportive!

We were driving down the road when she saw an ice cream shop.
"Mama, does that ice cream have wheat in it?"
It made my heart ache.
(Silly, I know.)
She didn't ask if she could have it...wanted to know if it had wheat in it first.
I immediately pulled over and surprised her with ice cream before dinner.
I loved her reaction:

The little one is almost 1.
She loves pushing this walking toy around.
She'll be walking on her own in no time!
It's so amazing to watch her hit developmental milestones on target.
Truly amazing!

Ballet, Beetle cars, Chapstick.

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The Mominator said...

Chapstick. Aunt Kiki makes chapstick...
I shall mail her some. Soon.