Saturday, August 3, 2013

These two...

Alice has been asking some hard questions...
"Was S in your belly? Why not?"
"Why is [bio mom] S's mama?"
She hasn't asked why bio mom isn't taking care of S,
but I'm sure that's next. 

This is messy.
We're all in love with that baby girl.
Alice is completely convinced that she's her sister.

We don't know what the future holds.
There have been some changes in the case that have made it seem even more unknown.

We wait.
We trust.
We continue to hear from God that this is what He has called us to...
and to stay on this path.

...but I just wish I knew!

On a different note,
I went to an emergency dentist yesterday.
It was awful.
But, the dentist did make me laugh.

He pointed to my belly and asked,
"When does that come out?"

Just when I thought I've heard it all!
Sometimes it's just so shocking what people will say!


Michelle E said...

He makes it sound like it'll happen ala "Aliens" ;)

People say the darnedest things...

Miss G said...

What in the world?? People say crazy things! Kelly

Melissa said...

I have been praying YOU will be Baby S's forever family. Adorable picture!

Carey said...

I almost asked you yesterday when "that" would come out...but then I thought better of it...wait, I never thought that at all...

I love S. always will.