Saturday, October 26, 2013

Life Lately...

According to my phone app, I'm now 9 3/4 months pregnant.
39 weeks, 3 days.
Hoping she'll make her grand appearance soon, 
but keeping in mind that it could easily be another couple of weeks.

Everyday I think, "Maybe she'll come today!"
And then I make toothpaste, or elderberry syrup, or bread to put in the freezer...
Or clean something.
I'll be right one of these days!


This one= completely obsessed with ballet.
She now takes a 45 minute ballet class once a week.
She's on Cloud 9.
I watch her ballet class on the spy cam. 
(Parents aren't allowed to be in the room- we're distracting, or something. :) )
She does every single thing the teacher does.
She's incredibly focused and determined. 

Ben and I hope she moves on to some other activity one day.
We're fine with having kids who try out soccer/ballet/fencing/gymnastics,
but then move on before it gets too expensive and time consuming. 
Minus 25 Parenting Points!


I love Chick-fil-A.
Honestly, I could take or leave their food,
though I'm very thankful for their wheat-free options!
Last weekend, they put on a little Princess/Pirate Party.
Free activities and food for kids.
They are so awesome.

Then, Ben and Alice took a train ride around the mall. 
Our girls are so incredibly blessed to get to have him for their Daddy.
He is so, so, so good with them.
He's patient with all of our mood swings, irrational requests, 
and he always reminding us how beautiful we are.
He is amazing!


These two...
They adore each other.
They are at an age where they actually play together and it's the cutest thing ever.

My theory with our current season of life is that it's going to be pretty nutty for the next 3 years.
Whenever we think about how we're about to add another little one into our
existing season of craziness with the foster care stuff,
we just chant,
"3 hard years! 3 hard years! 3 hard years!"
We can do this.
(I'm aware there are other challenges that will come as they get older,
it'll just be easier in a lot of ways when everyone can communicate,
walk, feed themselves, sleep through the night, etc. :) )

Speaking of foster care, 
I still don't want to share much here,
but it's looking more likely that the little one will be joining our family forever.
We still have a long, hard, road ahead...especially the next 3ish months.
We are so thankful for the prayers!



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Kristi said...

Feeling sorry I haven't ever commented before but having been reading for what seems like forever. We too are fostering a baby girl (and her mother for that matter) but I would have never said yes if it weren't for reading your story. We've only said yes to older kiddos until now but I'm so glad we did. We've had such a great time having her. I think her days with us are numbered but am thankful for what time we did have. Praying for your situation though...very exciting! Some things end just they way they should. <3