Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Pumpkin Patch"

We decided to take the girls to the "pumpkin patch" today.
Whole Foods.

You see, we've taken trips to actual pumpkin patches the past 3 years
and it has yet to be really worth it.
Long drives, kind of a lot of money, and either hot/cold/windy.
Also, we have to get permission to take the little out of the county,
and sitting (or standing) for a long time is not super fun for me right now.

(Wait! There was that one time we went to one a church hosted.
That was great, but I hear they no longer do it.)

So, this year, we went to Whole Foods.
I got the pumpkin pictures I wanted,
a pumpkin for our porch,
and some apple cider.
30 minutes later,

Here's Alice wearing the same little pumpkin shirt the little one wore today:

Nothing gives me the stereotypical "my kids are growing up too fast" mom nostalgia
like when the little one wears clothes that Alice just wore. 
No really, she JUST wore that shirt!
(2 years ago.)

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