Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween...slacker style

We were really hoping we would be snuggling Clementine on Halloween.
Alas, she's still living on the inside.

So, Halloween was anti-climatic in a really great way.
There was no pumpkin carving this year.
No actual trick-or-treating.
And it was perfect.

We went to a little Harvest Party a friend's church the weekend before.
Then, on Halloween, went trick-or-treating at Ben's office,
followed by a little party a friend's house.

I also spent exactly $0 on Halloween, so there's that extra piece of awesome.

Alice came up with her own costumes...
A ballerina (shocking) and the tooth fairy...complete with a mirror and magic wand.

The little one was a lion.
SUPER cute.
I'll spare you another awkward blurred out eyes picture.
Let this be your warning that if/when she becomes a Bolton,
you will be bombarded with pictures from her first year of life. :)

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