Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend (and a mini fostering update)


The weather was finally nice enough for Alice to play in her new house!
The plan was to spray paint it to look like this.
Hasn't happened, yet.
But, as is, she says, "My house is SOOO beautiful!"

We dyed eggs.

And she received her Easter basket.
It contained nail polish, bracelets, bubble bath, toothbrushes,
and a chocolate bunny.
Guess what she was most excited about? 
Shocking, I know.

This morning...

These two melt my heart!

Happy Easter to all and to all a good night!

PS- Our little foster baby is still with us, clearly. :)
She's almost 7 months old and doing great!
I take a bajillion pictures of her, too, I just cannot post photos of her without blurring her face.
If God and the court-powers-that-be decide she should stay in our family,
you will be bombarded with pictures of her cuteness.
As for a timeline, it's anyone's guess.
She's supposed to be in a permanent home by July,
but we're thinking it'll be more like the end of 2013.
It's a messy system, folks.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Today is Alice's 3rd birthday!

Here's our day in review:

Ben took the day off of work, so that's extra fun!

For breakfast, I made birthday waffles with sprinkles.
She was excited about it until we lit candles and sang.
Then, she declared,
"I don't want to be 3!
I want to be 2 1/2!!"
and ran away from the table.
She quickly came back when we said we'd blow out the candles for her.

Then, Alice went to Nana's for some birthday fun.
Fingernails painted.
Got a special toy from Target.
Ice cream before lunch.
She loved it!

For lunch, she requested Noodles.
She loved when I told her she's 3 and I'm 33.

After naps, we went to the zoo!
New elephant exhibit, new male lion, feeding the giraffes, riding the carousel.

This picture makes me laugh:
Riding the carousel is pretty much her most favorite thing in the world.
Today, she decided it was time to graduate from sitting on the bench to riding on a horse.
She loved it...even though it doesn't look that way from the picture.

For dinner, she wanted a burrito.

Then, she had a couple gifts to open.
My Granny sent her a bear that I loved as a child.
So many sweet memories!

Alice has been strangely interested in "beetle cars".
She wants a VW bug in a bad way.
When I explained to her that cars cost a lot of money.
she started collecting spare change for her beetle car.
So, Ben and I got her this bank:
(She's wearing the butterfly pancho her Nana made her.)
She was thrilled and promptly put the birthday money she received inside of it.
She did clarify that she wants a green beetle car when she turns 16, not a blue one.

It was a fun day!

One more thing!
Alice cut her first 2-year molar yesterday!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Alice's 3rd Birthday!

Our family and friends came over to help us celebrate Alice turning 3.
Alice decided months ago that she wanted a butterfly birthday party and never turned back.
Butterflies it is!
(Thankfully, the Dollar Tree had a ton of butterfly paraphernalia. :) )

Last year, we spent most of her party outside.
It was sunny and warm.
This time, it was freezing and snowy!
Unpredictable Colorado!

Scenes from the party:
Alice was so excited to give wings to all of her friends.
We loved seeing her more excited about giving than receiving.
Soaking it in while it lasts!

I think face painting was one of her favorite parts.
Thank you, Sarah, for making her butterfly face paint dreams come true! :)

That incredible cake was made by a friend of mine, Danielle.
She's a stay-at-home mom who is about to start a cake making business.
It was just as tasty as it was cute!
She'll have a website and Facebook page soon.
I'll update with that info when I have it!

She loved when everyone sang to her!
It was sweet to see her face light up.

In an attempt to get a picture of all the kids together,
we pulled out a little bubble machine I found at the Arc.
It was the highlight of the party, for sure!

 If there was audio with these pictures,
it'd be squeals of delight.
They were all SO excited!

Cheap decorations, a few activities for the kids, yummy pizza, 
and the sweetest friends and family a girl could ask for.
All in all, a really great way to celebrate my girl.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alice's Dreams, part 2

Here's: Part 1

Friday, March 1, 2013


Today is my great-grandmother's 95th birthday!

She's awesome.
I wrote about her here, too. 
She's intelligent, kind, and an amazing gardener.
I hope to grow up and be just like her.

I love you, Grandma!
Happy Birthday!!