Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Photo Booth...

...always entertaining.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

C's First Year

Dear Clementine,
I did a pretty poor job at keeping up with your monthly posts.
However, I did take monthly pictures!

Look how much you've grown!

You are one of the happiest, mellow babies I've ever met.
(Well, except for last week.)
We ALWAYS get "Is she always like this!?" comments.
You are almost always happy, sweet, and easy going.

You are learning signs quickly.
You've been signing "more" for months now, but now you also sign
"milk", "all done", "water", "eat", and "dog".
You say, "mama", "dada", and always say what sounds like "bless you" after you sneeze.
That's really cute.
You wave goodbye,
and nod yes and shake your head no in response to questions.

You aren't crawling, but you scoot all around the house.
It'll likely be awhile before you're walking, but I'm a-okay with that!

You're still nursing a lot, but also enjoy eating solids.
Pomegranate, eggs, raisins, and peas are your current favorite foods.

You have one tiny tooth.
(Significantly earlier than your sister, by the way!)

When I need you to be still, happy, and busy for a few minutes,
I turn on Baby Signing Time.
Your face lights up when you see Rachel.

You love looking at books and photos.
If you're upset, going outside has an almost 100% success rate for making you happy again.

You adore Alice.
You watch her constantly and try to imitate her.

You still wake a several times at night.
Your Daddy and I are tired.
This must stop soon.

We absolutely adore you, Clementine Mae!
You are the perfect addition to our family!
You are loved more than words can say!

Love, Mama

Clementine Turns 1!

Last week was ROUGH.
It started Sunday afternoon.
Monday-Wednesday were so bad.
This picture pretty much sums it up:
I think it was *just* teething.
Low grade fever + wouldn't eat + cranky demeanor.

I had pretty much ruled out the idea of a birthday party.

Then, on Thursday, she was less miserable!
She even smiled a few times!!

We decided to plan a SUPER last minute party for her at the zoo.
She's almost always happy when she's outside, so I figured that was the best plan.
Ben took off work and an email was sent to our family and friends.

And would you believe that people actually came!?!
It was awesome!

It ended up being an easy, low-key party.
And check out that view!
That little spot is a restaurant during the warmer months, so it's closed now.
It was a perfect little spot to set up snacks and the "party".

Thanks, friends, for helping us celebrate our little Clementine!

The next morning, on her actual birthday, we went out to our favorite breakfast spot.
Later on, we gave her a cupcake.
She smashed it up, but didn't put even one bite in her mouth.
(Fine by me!)

We love you, sweet baby!
I love being your mama!

Halloween 2014

Alice still doesn't know that some kids get new costumes for Halloween.
I'm wondering how much longer that will last!
She just opens her little dress up box and decides what to wear.

This year, she was a ballerina for Ben's work party
and Elsa for a little Halloween party at our gym and for Trick-or-Treating.

Alice drew the face on her pumpkin and I cut it out.
I love the eyelashes.

The Klenkes came over for Trick-or-Treating!

These two were hilarious!
They were on Cloud 9 the entire time.
They made me love Halloween again.

At some point, they started saying, "Thank you! Merry Christmas!"
We didn't correct them.

The plan was to go to a few houses.
Instead, we walked around for about an hour.
They were having so much fun and the babies loved being outside.
It was a lovely night!

Clementine was a (pajama-wearing) lion.
(Thanks, Steve, for the Trick-or-Treating pictures!)

The Klenkes spent the night like old times.
We put the girls in bed and had an awesome tacos!!
It was SO good.
Then, we went to bed by 10 because we're so wild and crazy. 

It was pretty much a perfect night!

Things I want to remember about October...

1. The time Alice wanted to have pink hair-

2. These 3 proudly sporting their AWANA vests-

3. How Alice always freaks out when we try to take a picture with her and she doesn't want to-

4. When my mom came to visit-
(This is a HUGE deal!! It was so, so, so, so good to see her!!)

We went out to eat a bunch of times,
went to the zoo and to the Air Force Academy,
drank a ton of coffee,
and had a fantastic time!
3 nights is way too short.
I wish I could trade Tennessee and Kansas so my family would be closer.

A Kitchen Update

Here's a teeny tiny house update.

When we bought our house a few years ago, the kitchen looked like this:

Now take about 8 steps to the right and look toward the living room...and add 3.5 years.

It's fun to look back at those old pictures!
We've (okay, I've) put a TON of work into our home and sometimes I forget how far it has come!

Painted the cabinets, added hardware, hardwood floor, new appliances and sink,
new backsplash, and resurfaced the tile countertops. 

We are finished with kitchen projects for awhile! Yay!!


We took a little Fall getaway trip with our small group.
The leaves were gorgeous and the company was super fun!
We hiked, visited fancy Vail parks, ate yummy food, drank yummy wine,
and laughed a whole lot.

View from the house we rented:

The big girls:

All the kids!

Alice turned 4 1/2!

Our friend snapped a family photo for us.

Some things that happened in September

{Insert some sort of "I never update this stinking blog" comment here.}

We're alive and well. :)

I'll jump right in to some things I'd like to remember.

1. Balloon Festival.
We decided to forego the crowd and watch them from afar.
This spot is about a minute from our house.
It was so fun to see them!

2. Lilly and Alice.
Cousin friends.
It's so fun to see them play together!

3. I went and got my hair did.
Blue hair because I'm so hip and cool.
(That is a lie.)

 4. Alice's awesome preschool teacher took this picture:
Holding a chalkboard sign like every other child in 2014.
Love it!

5. Now THIS is special:
I took that picture at 1am.
After fighting her to go back to sleep, I gave up.
Rude, Clementine.

6. We had the most beautiful Summer and Fall!
SO many days like this:

 7. The Klenke girls came over to play one day.
We had to snap a picture of the sisters in matching outfits. :)

8. Oh, my heart.
The Little One came over several times.
Such a long, incredibly hard story.
We miss her so!

9. Introducing Cat!
Cat comes to our house every day.
Alice loves it.
It's really the perfect pet...visits, but someone else cares for it.
Alice even bought Cat some treats, securing the daily visits.

10. Lastly, I need to talk about Honeycrisp apples for a second.
I love them as much as every other fall lover, but...
They are freakishly large.
That's a normal-sized apple on the left.
You're weirding me out, Honeycrisp.

That's all.