Thursday, January 23, 2014

How we're doing.

I'm asked almost daily how I'm/we're doing since the Little One left our family.
We are sad.
We miss her.

I'm not sure if Alice has truly grasped that she isn't coming back.
Though we explain it and talk about it ALL the time.

Alice says still dreams about her almost every night.
Says things like, "S should be coming back from her visit soon!"
and "I really miss S!"

The night we were back to a family of 4,
we went out to dinner.
It's our tradition to go out to dinner and celebrate when kids go home.
We high-five saying, "We did such a good job taking care of ____!"
Then, we eat ice cream.

This time, I was doing pretty good, until I opened the card S's mama gave Alice.

That's when I started crying.
There are always broken hearts in foster care.
It's a tough gig.

In short,
we're doing good.
Life feels strangely easy these days.
As it turns out, 2 kids (even when one is a newborn) is drastically easier than 3.
We are at peace about all of this, thankfully!

I'm still in contact with her mama, so that's good.
It makes my day when she sends me a picture.
We're taking a break from foster care for now,
but we'll be back at it again at some point.

Santa hate

2013 did not disappoint.
She was convinced that she would be okay with it now that she's 3 1/2.
That sweet Santa even offered to ballet dance with her.
That would've been a cute picture!

There is no rhyme or reason to the order I'm posting these.
Just trying to document some memories before someone wakes up. :)

Nap at your own risk.

If you try to take a nap when Alice is awake,
you may get 45 penguin stickers stuck to your face.
You've been warned.

This is serious.

Those eyebrows are 100% genetic...from me.
I love sending these serious Clementine pictures to my mom.
Makes us both laugh!

Clementine's Dedication

We dedicated our sweet Clementine Mae to the Lord this past Sunday.
Thank you, Steve and Carey, for taking pictures and video of it for us!

Getting her dressed-
She wore the gown made from my wedding dress.
Same one Alice wore for her dedication.

My new favorite family photos:

We love you, Clementine!
We can't wait to see what God has in store for you.
You are are a precious gift.


Alice took a little ballet class at our gym last semester.
It was perfect for us...
no extra running around town/appointments,
small classes,
she can wear whatever she wants,
no extra outfits to buy for recitals, etc.

For the last month, she was the only kiddo in the class!
She had her teacher, Miss Kristen, to herself.
They did a little demonstration for the parents.
Adding to the excitement, Nana and Grandpa, and Carey and Abby, came too!

She was totally in her element performing for us.
It was equal parts cute and hilarious.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blogging Slacker

Oh hi!
It's me, Melissa.
We're alive and well.

Here's the abbreviated version:
We had a really great Christmas and New Years.
Clementine and Alice are doing good.
The little one went to live with her mama.
We miss her big time.

And, some photos!

We had our small group over for a little Christmas playdate.
Here's how our group has changed in the past 2 years:
So many littles!

Big ones and the babies:

My heart!

Alice is still completely in love with Clementine.
She's been praying over her before bed.
It's typically a simple,
"God, thank you so much for Clementine."

Moving onto shoes.

I got Ugg house shoes years ago and have literally loved them to death.
My mama got me a new, wonderful, fluffy pair for Christmas.
I laughed when I saw them side by side.

Now moving away from shoes.

These two.
I miss hearing them play together.
Never a dull (or quiet) moment.

She started really smiling at 4 weeks.
She doesn't make us work quite as hard for them now.

We had a snow day!
I'm thankful Ben was willing to go out and play in it.

SOMEBODY had to stay inside with the baby. Duh.

I should probably start doing the little monthly letters like I did with Alice.
(Adding that to my to do list.)

A mini rant that is completely unrelated:
It's 10:32pm and my kid isn't sleeping.
Drives. me. crazy.
At least now she's reading and not crying for more water and such.
We even gave her melatonin earlier!
She's gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here.