Thursday, January 23, 2014

How we're doing.

I'm asked almost daily how I'm/we're doing since the Little One left our family.
We are sad.
We miss her.

I'm not sure if Alice has truly grasped that she isn't coming back.
Though we explain it and talk about it ALL the time.

Alice says still dreams about her almost every night.
Says things like, "S should be coming back from her visit soon!"
and "I really miss S!"

The night we were back to a family of 4,
we went out to dinner.
It's our tradition to go out to dinner and celebrate when kids go home.
We high-five saying, "We did such a good job taking care of ____!"
Then, we eat ice cream.

This time, I was doing pretty good, until I opened the card S's mama gave Alice.

That's when I started crying.
There are always broken hearts in foster care.
It's a tough gig.

In short,
we're doing good.
Life feels strangely easy these days.
As it turns out, 2 kids (even when one is a newborn) is drastically easier than 3.
We are at peace about all of this, thankfully!

I'm still in contact with her mama, so that's good.
It makes my day when she sends me a picture.
We're taking a break from foster care for now,
but we'll be back at it again at some point.

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