Sunday, March 9, 2014

Castlewood Park

This where the mission began.
These little neighborhood parks feel like hidden treasures,
and I want the gold.
Gimmie the gold.

1. Safety- 
Good surfacing (wood chips), well-maintained equipment.
I didn't see any cigarette butts, syringes, or broken glass, so that's always good.

2. Wind/Sun/Shade situation-
Very little shade and protection from the wind,
so best on cool, calm day.

3. Crowds-
Totally empty.
We saw one other kid the entire time we were there.
Granted, it was on a weekday afternoon when most big kids are in school and littles are napping.

4. Restroom access-
None. Thank goodness for the van potty!
Parking was pretty far from the playground, 
so it was a little stressful getting to the van in time.

5. Other-
This was a super fun park!
One is Alice in Wonderland themed 
and then you take a little path to the Charlotte's Web playground.
The paths were easy for the stroller.
(Clementine had a nice, fresh air nap. :) )
There are picnic tables, but none were covered.
They also have a little open area that would be perfect for skating,
or learning to ride a bike.
It had lots of options for all ages.

In short, this park was great!
We'll be back!

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