Wednesday, March 5, 2014

For Clementine

Dear Clementine,
One day you'll stumble upon our little family blog,
or the book I will maybe make from it,
and likely say,
"Hey Mom,
Why did you do monthly updates for Alice and not for me?"
I'm sorry, sweet baby.
I'll do better.
As a fellow second-born, I vow to do better.

I will say that you have WAY more pictures than what Alice did.
Yay, iPhones and Instagram! :)

Here are some of my favorites:

Good news!
Alice is still completely smitten with you.
She's an amazing big sister and you are so tolerant of her...for now.

Sleeping baby + hat with ears.
We think you're so stinkin' cute!

Here's you and Alice- same age- same outfit.
Now we know why everyone commented on Alice's hair.
You have normal baby hair.
She did not.

You want to be sitting up all the time.
This was from when we first started propping you up on the couch.

Hanging out on your belly.
You love it and will often stay here for 15-20 minutes!

Nona got you this cute little newborn gown.
You're still wearing it, just pairing it with jeggings now.

We love you, sweet Clementine!
You are a precious gift!

Love, Your Mama

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