Sunday, March 9, 2014

Frontier Park

This is the third park we went to yesterday afternoon while
Ben and Clementine were home taking naps. :)

(Showing her muscles after rock climbing.)

1. Safety- 
Pea gravel...generally not a good idea with toddlers, right?
But, this isn't a toddler playground.
It's a big kid playground!
It's the play area used by the elementary school.

2. Wind/Sun/Shade situation-
I didn't notice much wind.
The playground isn't shaded, but the climbing structures were so big they provided shade.

3. Crowds-
We were the only ones there.
It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, went to 3 parks, 
and saw a total of 3 other children.
This is definitely a playground to go to only when school is out.
(Late afternoons, weekends, holidays, summers, etc.)

4. Restroom access-
None...and the van was parked pretty far away.

5. Other-
This one was so fun!
Big slides, lots of equipment to challenge her physically.
HUGE area with so many places to play.
Had a covered picnic area with 6ish tables underneath.
Big field with baseball diamond.
Large paved area for bike riding, skating, basketball, etc.
Didn't seem very stroller friendly...
sidewalks to get to the park, but the sidewalk didn't go through the playground area.
(You'd have to push it through deep pea gravel if you wanted to be near the equipment.)

We both loved this park.
I was glad the baby wasn't with us this time.
I loved getting to play with Alice here.

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