Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jared Jensen Park

We drove by this park Monday afternoon and it was CRAZY!
Tons of people.
We decided to check it out after preschool (12:30ish) on Thursday.
MUCH better. :)

1. Safety- 
Sand and wood chips for surfacing.
The bigger structure would be a little scary for younger kids (it's high!),
but there was a smaller structure as well.
Another newer park- everything looked safe to me.

2. Wind/Sun/Shade situation-
Definitely not a park you want to go to on a hot or windy day.
Very little protection from wind and sun.

3. Crowds-
This park is right next to an elementary school and in the middle of a neighborhood, 
so it definitely gets busy there.
(The school has its own playground though, so it's fine during school days.)

4. Restroom access-
I didn't see one,
but the van was parked close, just in case.

5. Other-
This was a great park!
Had a skate/basketball area, climbing rock, 2 structures, swings,
benches and picnic tables, paved paths, and a huge field.
We'll be back!
Alice especially loved the big, twirly slide!

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