Saturday, March 15, 2014

John Stone Park

I really loved this park!
We parked in the YMCA parking lot and walked down a little hill to the playground.

1. Safety- 
Wood chips, small sand box area, climbing structure for toddlers and another for preschoolers/young school-agers. 
Everything looked clean and maintained.

2. Wind/Sun/Shade situation-
I was surprised by this park!
It was windy at the van, but then you walk down a little hill to go to the playground.
It was a little breezy, but nothing like it was at the car.
Good design, park planners!
No shade, except under the covered picnic table.

3. Crowds-
We went on a Wednesday afternoon and were the only ones there!
There were a bunch of middle/high school kids at the skate park, but the rest of the park was empty.

4. Restroom access-
No bathroom at the park, but the YMCA is super close, if needed. 

5. Other-
This was such a fun playground!
There was plenty to keep the girls busy...
swings, sandbox, two structures, and a HUGE field to run in.
It also has a little paved path makes a circle around the park.

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