Sunday, March 9, 2014

Keystone Park

Ahhh! Spring is coming!
It was 70 degrees this afternoon!
I took the girls playground exploring while Ben threw the frisbee with some friends.
First stop: Keystone Park by King Elementary.

I drove in on Sapporo, parked in the school parking lot, and saw this:
 HUGE area, but not at all stroller friendly from this access point...
Either go down a big hill (sledding!) or down a flight of stairs.
Neither was a good option since Clementine was napping and I forgot the carrier at home.
So, I drove around to the other side of the park (off Buttermilk Circle) and it was much better.

There were 2 areas. This one above,
and this one:
 All was well until people started playing baseball.
The baseball diamond is in between the two play areas.
(Well THAT was poor planning.)
I was getting stressed out just waiting to hear the next "heads up!"

I decided we should go check out another playground not too far away.
This is when the first emotional "playground breakdown" happened.
"I don't waaaant to leave!"
I explained why I didn't want to stay and that we will not continue this
playground project if she's not a good listener and was disobedient when it was time to go.
She jumped up and we were on our way. :)

1. Safety- 
This park gets a C.
It had sand for the surfacing, but it wasn't very soft.
(It was pretty packed down...needed to be tilled, or something.)
Also, I wasn't cool with the baseballs flying near the playground.
The equipment, however, was in great shape.

2. Wind/Sun/Shade situation-
Very sunny. No shade.
I didn't notice the wind though, so that's good!

3. Crowds-
We had that one playground to ourselves the entire time we played there.
Since it's another playground that is connected to an elementary school,
I wouldn't go when school is in session.

4. Restroom access-
None. One play area was close to the parking, the other was not.

5. Other-
Alice had fun here.
She loved the climbing wall and the steep slides.
It was definitely another big kid playground...many challenging aspects.
I was able to push the stroller since it was flat, but there were no paved walkways.
The field was huge, but it looked pretty barren.
Maybe it's better in the summer?

All in all, we probably won't return here.
It was fine, but the other playgrounds we've visited already are much better. 

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