Monday, March 10, 2014

Snowy River Park

It was fun having Carey, Abby, and Lucy visit playgrounds with us today!

A friend loaned us their Strider bike, (Thanks, Sarah and Iris!)
so I wanted to go to a park where Alice could try riding it.

She's ready!
She grew out of her helmet, which I didn't realize until we were there.
Too small helmet > no helmet, right?

1. Safety- 
More wood chips!
Structure looked safe...depending on the age of the kids.
We were a little nervous at times watching the girls climb.

2. Wind/Sun/Shade situation-
It was pretty windy here.
And, again, no shade trees.
There were a couple shaded tables and there was shade provided by the huge structure.

3. Crowds-
There were a bunch of school-aged kids here...
even middle school kids hanging around flirting with each other.
If we go back to this one, we'll go in the morning instead of the afternoon.

4. Restroom access-
There was another one of those porta-potty shelter things,
but no porta-potty in it. 

5. Other-
The girls had a blast playing here.
Less fun for the mamas, since we needed to be pretty close by and ready to catch them.
There was a little sandbox area, so that's fun!
Basketball/skating area, picnic tables, paved paths.
I brought the stroller and it was fine.

Final verdict: A fun park, but the climbing structure is probably best for 4+ yr olds.
Probably best to go weekday mornings. :)

P.S. This little project may be creating a monster.
When it was time to go home...
"But we only got to go to TWO playgrounds today!"

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Katie T. said...

I should really visit this park!! Thank you for your awesome park investigating. What a brilliant idea, and it looks like you all are having a blast :).