Saturday, March 15, 2014

This week in review.

1. My mom's birthday was on Monday.
It's hard to find the right words to describe my mama.
She's compassionate, determined, beautiful,
kind, supportive, caring, funny, and loves her children fiercely.
This is one of my favorite pictures of her, my great-grandmother, and Alice:
5 generations in one photo.

2. Alice was "Inspired by Mayhem" on Monday.
She wanted to be Elsa, of course.
We used fabric scraps, staples, and hot glue instead of paper though.
She's worn this dress everyday since.

3. Also on Monday- Alice got an early birthday gift. 
She didn't hold back.

4. I want a micro pig.
(They are crazy expensive. We are not getting a micro pig.)

 5. These two.
They adore each other!
I'm so thankful there still hasn't been even one bit of jealousy with the older one.
We'll see how long that continues!

6. I played basketball with friends yesterday.
It was hilarious!
After an hour, we were all exhausted.
Such a great workout!
(I'm so sore today!!!)

That's all!
Happy weekend!


Mandy said...

i love that pic of the girls! so beautiful :) sweet sisters.

Katie T. said...

What a sweet, fun filled post! You are an amazing photographer, so I feel like I can grasp the girls' personalities through the pictures. Micro pigs are stinkin' adorbable. I'm so glad to know about them now. We will be watching Frozen tonight, so I will finally know more about this Elsa.

Laura said...

That sounds like my kind of workout! Way more fun than being a hamster on a machine.