Sunday, April 6, 2014


Alice turned 4 last week!

The day started off a little rocky since Alice didn't 
FEEL four years old when she woke up.

While she was at preschool, Ben and I assembled her new (to her) loft bed with a slide!

She LOVES it!

Nona got her the zoo for her birthday!
We couldn't wait to take her and are looking forward to going back.

She was exhausted!

I looked over to see Clementine donning the birthday crown. :) 

Nana and Grandpa came over later and gave Alice this awesome Elsa hat:
Alice refused to model it.
Clementine was much more compliant.

A couple days later, we had her party!
She decided the theme months ago, "Superhero tumbling birthday party".
We had it at a gymnastics center and it was perfect!!
Easiest party we've hosted yet! :)

After the kids played,
we had cupcakes and snacks in a separate little room.
Alice was super excited about sitting in this special chair.

I should've taken more pictures!
...especially a group picture!

Alice and her buddies got these capes and masks to wear while playing.

All in all, it was a great birthday!

Some things we want to remember about Alice at 4 years old:

-She is an amazing big sister.

-She just learned how to swim!

-She loves: 
Elsa (Frozen), 
writing letters, 
dressing up as a ballerina, tooth fairy, doctor, etc.,
pickles and peaches,
Curious George,
soap and rubber gloves,
the colors pink, yellow, and green,
footie pajamas,
and pretending to be Couchy, the dog...named after the couch.

-She doesn't like:
the Sonicare toothbrush,
having her hair brushed,
when we "sing at her",
 and leaving the pool.

One of my favorite things is when I tuck her in at night and tell her,
"Alice, I love being your mom."
She replies, "I love being your daughter."

Four years.
It has gone by WAY too fast.


Laura said...

I can totally relate to Alice's feelings. I don't feel 41. I am just not sad about it like she is!! So funny!

Carey said...

"Alice was sad, then she got happy!"

"That bear is swimming!"

"Those are aprons like the apron Alice sent me!" (she thinks the cape is an apron....we "cook" in it all the time)

Miss G said...

So fun! I've been wondering lately if mine is going to wake up "not feeling four" on his birthday on Friday. Tricky age this one. :) Yea for easy parties! love that. Love how she knew her theme! Precious! Kelly