Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thank you, iPhone!

Without you, iPhone, I would have very few pictures.

Some random pictures from the last photo dump:

All of the time-
Furniture gymnastics.

I love how much they love each other.

My postpartum hair is "neat".

She made a total mess at Little Monkey Bizness.

I love this.
I need this.

We love when Lilly spend the morning with us!

She REALLY wants chicks.
Too bad.
We made the executive decision to not have chickens for a few years.
We even sold the coop.
Instead, we go and visit the chicks at the farm store.

Our maid service totally sucks.
(I'm the maid service.)

Alice's "happy place"= the local nursery.
She never wants to leave.

She's also really into writing and drawing.
This is Anna and Elsa:

One windy day, it was "snowing" flower petals.

Clementine with long hair, Alice with a mustache:

It's kind of like everyone's "my feet and the pool/beach/ocean" Spring Break pictures...
only different.
(I made myself laugh.)

Also making me laugh,
my Mother's Day breakfast in bed:
(Made by Alice)

My mama and I- 1980.

We're back to cloth diapering.
Jack guards the diapers.


A picture we sent to Ben-
I'm so thankful for the gift of being able to stay home with the girls.
(Though sometimes I long for lunch breaks and adult conversations.)

Alice got a special treat at the store:
Grody olives.
She loves them.

Almost caught up with blogging!
Hot dog!

Our Date-aversary

Ben and I had our first date 7 years ago.
It was "I really, really like this guy!" at first sight. :)

We met up at the Denver Zoo at 10am...
and I didn't get home until 10pm.
Neither of us were ready to say goodbye after walking around the zoo,
so we went to lunch.
And then to Dave and Busters to play games.
And then to a movie.
And then to dinner.
My friends were sending, "Are you still alive!?!?" texts.
It was such a fun day!

Each year, we celebrate it.

This year, we went to brunch with the girls.
(Picture taken by Alice)

And then dropped them off with Nana and Grandpa while we went on a little date.
He still makes me laugh!

The Butterfly Pavilion

We met up with my friend, Marcia, and her sweet kiddos at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster.
It was quite the field trip for us, but it was worth it!

Jackson was so brave to hold Rosie!

Alice opted out of holding her, but had many questions for Rosie's handler...
"What are Rosie's defenses?"
"Where does she sleep at night?"
"What does she eat?"

She could have stayed in the conservatory all day long.
She sat and waited FOREVER to see if a butterfly would land on her.
Several did. :)

 Clementine was a little trooper.
She's at such a fun age where she's content just taking in what's going on around her.
I didn't realize the girls matched until right now.
Alice thought the butterflies would like her flower dress.

Such a fun day!


Each year, Ben's company invites the families to a Sky Sox game.
It's one of my favorite things!
We never last too long...4 innings this time.
But, it's the perfect little baseball experience!

Thank you, Church Community Builder!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

5 months old! And 6 months old!

Dear Clementine,
You are an absolute delight!

At 5 months old, you were waking up every 2-3 hours at night.
At 6 months old, we decided we came to the realization that we cannot survive in this sleep deprived state much longer.
We started doing the "eat, wake/play, sleep" cycle,
got rid of the swaddle,
and started putting you down in your crib you'll learn that's where you fall asleep.
It's been amazing!
You are now consistently sleeping from around 7pm-8am and only waking once to nurse.
Glory, glory!!

Still just nursing.
We'll start Baby Led Weaning with you at some point.
We're in no hurry.
Your rolls seem to indicate you're well fed. :)

Alice wanted to be swaddled, too.
You girls are really cute together.

Aforementioned rolls.

I'm pretty sure this is the saddest face in the world:
That little lip!
In reality, you rarely cry.
Your sister cries WAY more than you do.
You didn't want to nap this day.
Now, you're an awesome little napper!

You love sleeping on your belly.
You fall asleep rubbing your little hands on your fuzzy sheet,
with your soft bunny in hand.

You're sitting up like a champ,
but still not really rolling.
Your cloth diaper creates quite the speed bump. :)

You love playing with toys,
especially the soft lovies, Sophie the Giraffe,
and the icy teethers.

No teeth yet.

You were 16 pounds at your last weigh-in...almost a month ago.
You wear mainly 6-9 month clothes.
Your disposable diapers for nighttime are a size 3.
(Will you ever really care about this info? Probably not.)

You are such a sweet, happy baby, dear Clementine!
We love you immensely and cannot imagine our little family without you in it.
You are a precious gift, sweet girl!

Love, Mama


(Yep. Memorial weekend and I'm finally getting around to posting about Easter.)

Egg hunt at the gym with cousin Lilly!

A new superhero cape in her Easter basket!

This one made me laugh:
Oh, Jack, you grumpy old man!

We had a really great Easter!
Spent time with family in the morning and friends in the afternoon.
A perfect day celebrating our Risen Savior!

Nancy Lewis Park

We're not doing as much playground scoping now that it's getting to be summer...
and the pool is open!!!

We went to this park with our friends for a little Quatro de Mayo get-together!

1. Safety- 
The playground looked safe to me!
Good surfacing.
Good puke-inducing merry-go-round.
Everything looked well-maintained.

2. Wind/Sun/Shade situation-
There were trees for shade.
Was a little breezy, but not bad.

3. Crowds-
We went on a Sunday afternoon and it was busy,
but didn't feel overly crowded.

4. Restroom access-
You betcha!

5. Other-
Our small group went to this park years ago...when I was pregnant with Alice.
It's changed SO much!
The little pond is new and is really cute!
Only one of our small group kids fell in. :)
Nice paths and a big field.

Rampart Park

1. Safety- 
Good surfacing- sand.
Preschooler aged play structure, which was nice.

2. Wind/Sun/Shade situation-
It was terrible.
I thought that maybe it was just a windy day,
but another mama at the playground said she goes to that park every week 
and it's always super windy. 
I hate wind.

3. Crowds-
Not crowded at the playground.
Lots of older kids around...probably because the high school is right there,
and baseball practice was going on,
and the BMX bike thingy is there.

4. Restroom access-
There is one!

5. Other-
Seems like a great park!
The dog park is close by, too.
We took Jack there once...before he got older and even more neurotic.
But, I seriously cannot handle the wind, 
so if it really is windy there most of the time,
we won't go back.