Saturday, May 24, 2014

5 months old! And 6 months old!

Dear Clementine,
You are an absolute delight!

At 5 months old, you were waking up every 2-3 hours at night.
At 6 months old, we decided we came to the realization that we cannot survive in this sleep deprived state much longer.
We started doing the "eat, wake/play, sleep" cycle,
got rid of the swaddle,
and started putting you down in your crib you'll learn that's where you fall asleep.
It's been amazing!
You are now consistently sleeping from around 7pm-8am and only waking once to nurse.
Glory, glory!!

Still just nursing.
We'll start Baby Led Weaning with you at some point.
We're in no hurry.
Your rolls seem to indicate you're well fed. :)

Alice wanted to be swaddled, too.
You girls are really cute together.

Aforementioned rolls.

I'm pretty sure this is the saddest face in the world:
That little lip!
In reality, you rarely cry.
Your sister cries WAY more than you do.
You didn't want to nap this day.
Now, you're an awesome little napper!

You love sleeping on your belly.
You fall asleep rubbing your little hands on your fuzzy sheet,
with your soft bunny in hand.

You're sitting up like a champ,
but still not really rolling.
Your cloth diaper creates quite the speed bump. :)

You love playing with toys,
especially the soft lovies, Sophie the Giraffe,
and the icy teethers.

No teeth yet.

You were 16 pounds at your last weigh-in...almost a month ago.
You wear mainly 6-9 month clothes.
Your disposable diapers for nighttime are a size 3.
(Will you ever really care about this info? Probably not.)

You are such a sweet, happy baby, dear Clementine!
We love you immensely and cannot imagine our little family without you in it.
You are a precious gift, sweet girl!

Love, Mama

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