Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cottonwood Creek Park

1. Safety- 
Does it have good surfacing? 
Yes. Pea gravel. 
Is the equipment maintained? 
Yes! There's a LOT of play equipment.
We've been to this park countless times and have never seen broken equipment.
Will this playground result in us paying toward our super high insurance deductible?
It might.
There are areas meant for bigger kids, FOR SURE!
There are some spots where, if a child falls, it's 10-12' to the ground.

2. Wind/Sun/Shade situation-
This park can get windy, but we haven't been there when it's too bad.
Not much shade, but there's some.

3. Crowds-
Even though this is the closest park to our house, we will almost always skip it on the weekends.
It's busy, busy, busy!!!
Especially on Saturdays.
But, it's really nice on weekdays and early mornings.

4. Restroom access-
There's two!
One by the soccer fields, one by the baseball diamonds.

5. Other-
We like this park.
There's a little toddler section, which is nice.
The bigger section is a little overwhelming.
It can be hard to keep an eye on your kiddo.
However, Alice loves it.
She could play there for hours!

It's close to Cottonwood Creek Recreation Center (indoor pool).
Cottonwood Creek trail is a nice place to walk and ride bikes, too.
There's also a disc golf course where people like to go to smoke pot and throw frisbees.
(It's true. I smell it every. single. time. I've walked by.)
Oh! And last summer we packed a picnic and met the fam down by the creek to watch the sunset and let the girls play in the water. It was awesome!!

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