Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Butterfly Pavilion

We met up with my friend, Marcia, and her sweet kiddos at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster.
It was quite the field trip for us, but it was worth it!

Jackson was so brave to hold Rosie!

Alice opted out of holding her, but had many questions for Rosie's handler...
"What are Rosie's defenses?"
"Where does she sleep at night?"
"What does she eat?"

She could have stayed in the conservatory all day long.
She sat and waited FOREVER to see if a butterfly would land on her.
Several did. :)

 Clementine was a little trooper.
She's at such a fun age where she's content just taking in what's going on around her.
I didn't realize the girls matched until right now.
Alice thought the butterflies would like her flower dress.

Such a fun day!

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