Monday, June 9, 2014

Another photo dump

Some things we've been up to...

Clementine's first ride in the shopping cart:

This still makes me laugh every time I see it:
(She hurt her finger and was showing me the bandaid.)

Clementine's wild bed-head:

Pajama pictures one morning:

Alice draws all day long.
This is one of my favorites:

Watching the Thunderbirds practice-
(can you see them?)

The best kind of circus is the free kind!
(One of the few perks of being a foster family.)

(Alice remembered it was pretty loud last year...
and decided to wear her headphones the entire time.)

It was fun getting to go with Aunt Jen and Lilly!

We went to a little art class this morning and Alice LOVED it!

She's such a funny mix of Ben and I.
She's creative with a slight dramatic flair, which she gets from me,
but then says things that are SO Ben.
"I love you all the way to the Andromeda galaxy."
And her memory? All Ben.
She also ponders things about God, Heaven, the Philistines, etc., which is also very Ben.
It'll be so fun to see Clementine's little personality emerge!

Clementine: 7 months old!

Well, I'll be!
Look at me, writing Clementine's monthly update the day after she turned 7 months old!
:pats myself on the back:

Hi, sweet Clementine!

7 months!?!

Oh, sweet girl, if I could press "pause" and keep you at this age a little longer, I would!

You are such a happy baby...99% of the time.

Some things about you...

You're rolling over, sitting up, imitating sounds (especially coughs), 
babbling, and putting everything in your mouth.

No teeth.

Still no solid foods.
I know.
We'll give you solid foods one day, promise.
When we do, we're planning to do Baby Led Weaning like we did with your sister.
In the mean time, you're still nursing 4-5 times during the day and once, 
sometimes twice, at night.

The sleep stuff has been SO much better...
until last night.
You were up approximately 15 times before I even went to bed.
Then, you were wide awake from 1-3 this morning.
You don't want to talk about that?

I enjoyed our middle-of-the-night cuddles,
and I've enjoyed my pot of coffee today,
but let's not do that again, okay?

You have the sweetest laugh.
I know you'll be rascally someday,
but right now it's so hard to imagine.
You are a delight.

We're kind of obsessed with you, Clementine Mae.
You are a precious gift.

Your Mama

The Great Sand Dunes!

We took a little weekend trip to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. 
It was incredible!

Driving in-- First look at the dunes.

After some exploring, we decided to head to the hotel for naps while a storm rolled through.

Then, we went back!

After dinner, we put the girls to bed and Ben and I sat on the porch to watch the sunset.
It was incredible!

Sunrise wasn't so shabby either.

We went for a little hike,

and then to the dunes to claim our spot for the day.
It was perfect.

Clementine took a little nap while Alice played.

Then, our friends arrived!!!

The dads and babies.

The girls played in the sand and water for HOURS!
The guys played frisbee. (That's Ben.)

(I stole some pictures from Katie and Carey since 
I'm terrible at taking them when others are around. Weird.)

Saturday night, we all put our kids in bed and sat outside.
We laughed for hours!!
It was a blast!

We played at the dunes for awhile before packing up and heading home.

We will be back FOR SURE!
It was a perfect little trip.

Thank you, Klenkes and Kleibers, for joining us!