Monday, June 9, 2014

Another photo dump

Some things we've been up to...

Clementine's first ride in the shopping cart:

This still makes me laugh every time I see it:
(She hurt her finger and was showing me the bandaid.)

Clementine's wild bed-head:

Pajama pictures one morning:

Alice draws all day long.
This is one of my favorites:

Watching the Thunderbirds practice-
(can you see them?)

The best kind of circus is the free kind!
(One of the few perks of being a foster family.)

(Alice remembered it was pretty loud last year...
and decided to wear her headphones the entire time.)

It was fun getting to go with Aunt Jen and Lilly!

We went to a little art class this morning and Alice LOVED it!

She's such a funny mix of Ben and I.
She's creative with a slight dramatic flair, which she gets from me,
but then says things that are SO Ben.
"I love you all the way to the Andromeda galaxy."
And her memory? All Ben.
She also ponders things about God, Heaven, the Philistines, etc., which is also very Ben.
It'll be so fun to see Clementine's little personality emerge!

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Dawn Rainbowstar said...

Your girls always look so happy! I bet they're glad to have one another. I adore Clementine's chubby legs...those are the BEST! I really like the ballerina drawing. You've got an artist on your hands! We were at the circus too with our agency. Wish we knew about the headphones. It was so loud!!! I think we almost went to that art class. Was it at Bemis? Were you guys at The North Pole with CASA a few weekends ago?