Monday, June 9, 2014

Clementine: 7 months old!

Well, I'll be!
Look at me, writing Clementine's monthly update the day after she turned 7 months old!
:pats myself on the back:

Hi, sweet Clementine!

7 months!?!

Oh, sweet girl, if I could press "pause" and keep you at this age a little longer, I would!

You are such a happy baby...99% of the time.

Some things about you...

You're rolling over, sitting up, imitating sounds (especially coughs), 
babbling, and putting everything in your mouth.

No teeth.

Still no solid foods.
I know.
We'll give you solid foods one day, promise.
When we do, we're planning to do Baby Led Weaning like we did with your sister.
In the mean time, you're still nursing 4-5 times during the day and once, 
sometimes twice, at night.

The sleep stuff has been SO much better...
until last night.
You were up approximately 15 times before I even went to bed.
Then, you were wide awake from 1-3 this morning.
You don't want to talk about that?

I enjoyed our middle-of-the-night cuddles,
and I've enjoyed my pot of coffee today,
but let's not do that again, okay?

You have the sweetest laugh.
I know you'll be rascally someday,
but right now it's so hard to imagine.
You are a delight.

We're kind of obsessed with you, Clementine Mae.
You are a precious gift.

Your Mama

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