Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Clementine Turns 1!

Last week was ROUGH.
It started Sunday afternoon.
Monday-Wednesday were so bad.
This picture pretty much sums it up:
I think it was *just* teething.
Low grade fever + wouldn't eat + cranky demeanor.

I had pretty much ruled out the idea of a birthday party.

Then, on Thursday, she was less miserable!
She even smiled a few times!!

We decided to plan a SUPER last minute party for her at the zoo.
She's almost always happy when she's outside, so I figured that was the best plan.
Ben took off work and an email was sent to our family and friends.

And would you believe that people actually came!?!
It was awesome!

It ended up being an easy, low-key party.
And check out that view!
That little spot is a restaurant during the warmer months, so it's closed now.
It was a perfect little spot to set up snacks and the "party".

Thanks, friends, for helping us celebrate our little Clementine!

The next morning, on her actual birthday, we went out to our favorite breakfast spot.
Later on, we gave her a cupcake.
She smashed it up, but didn't put even one bite in her mouth.
(Fine by me!)

We love you, sweet baby!
I love being your mama!

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