Tuesday, November 11, 2014

C's First Year

Dear Clementine,
I did a pretty poor job at keeping up with your monthly posts.
However, I did take monthly pictures!

Look how much you've grown!

You are one of the happiest, mellow babies I've ever met.
(Well, except for last week.)
We ALWAYS get "Is she always like this!?" comments.
You are almost always happy, sweet, and easy going.

You are learning signs quickly.
You've been signing "more" for months now, but now you also sign
"milk", "all done", "water", "eat", and "dog".
You say, "mama", "dada", and always say what sounds like "bless you" after you sneeze.
That's really cute.
You wave goodbye,
and nod yes and shake your head no in response to questions.

You aren't crawling, but you scoot all around the house.
It'll likely be awhile before you're walking, but I'm a-okay with that!

You're still nursing a lot, but also enjoy eating solids.
Pomegranate, eggs, raisins, and peas are your current favorite foods.

You have one tiny tooth.
(Significantly earlier than your sister, by the way!)

When I need you to be still, happy, and busy for a few minutes,
I turn on Baby Signing Time.
Your face lights up when you see Rachel.

You love looking at books and photos.
If you're upset, going outside has an almost 100% success rate for making you happy again.

You adore Alice.
You watch her constantly and try to imitate her.

You still wake a several times at night.
Your Daddy and I are tired.
This must stop soon.

We absolutely adore you, Clementine Mae!
You are the perfect addition to our family!
You are loved more than words can say!

Love, Mama

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