Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Some things that happened in September

{Insert some sort of "I never update this stinking blog" comment here.}

We're alive and well. :)

I'll jump right in to some things I'd like to remember.

1. Balloon Festival.
We decided to forego the crowd and watch them from afar.
This spot is about a minute from our house.
It was so fun to see them!

2. Lilly and Alice.
Cousin friends.
It's so fun to see them play together!

3. I went and got my hair did.
Blue hair because I'm so hip and cool.
(That is a lie.)

 4. Alice's awesome preschool teacher took this picture:
Holding a chalkboard sign like every other child in 2014.
Love it!

5. Now THIS is special:
I took that picture at 1am.
After fighting her to go back to sleep, I gave up.
Rude, Clementine.

6. We had the most beautiful Summer and Fall!
SO many days like this:

 7. The Klenke girls came over to play one day.
We had to snap a picture of the sisters in matching outfits. :)

8. Oh, my heart.
The Little One came over several times.
Such a long, incredibly hard story.
We miss her so!

9. Introducing Cat!
Cat comes to our house every day.
Alice loves it.
It's really the perfect pet...visits, but someone else cares for it.
Alice even bought Cat some treats, securing the daily visits.

10. Lastly, I need to talk about Honeycrisp apples for a second.
I love them as much as every other fall lover, but...
They are freakishly large.
That's a normal-sized apple on the left.
You're weirding me out, Honeycrisp.

That's all.

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