Saturday, January 31, 2015

Alice at 4.5!

**I started writing this on November 12th.
Never finished and published it.
Story of my life.**

Dear Alice,
There are some things about you at 4 1/2 years old that I never want to forget.

You are an auditory learner.
You shocked us the other night when you knew ALL of your Awana verses already.
A year's worth of memory verses. Check!
We listen to the CD in the car and now you know them all.

You enjoy building with blocks.
There are times when I'm up in the night with Clementine, look on the monitor,
and see you building a new castle.
They are always built with great intention.
Stairs, rooms for various animals, a canopy made out of a tissue,
jewels places in symmetric designs for decoration.

"No touch" cracked me up.
(This one and the next one are from preschool)

You ask challenging questions.
"What is gravity?"
"What does it feel like to have a baby?"

You are sweet and kind.
Almost everyday, you tell me, "Mom, I want to be JUST like you when I grow up."
You love helping your sister.
You have good friends.
You care about the wellbeing of insects and animals.

You are creative.
You spend a lot of time drawing.

You are learning to read and write.
You are interested in sounding out words and writing the letters you hear.
It's so fun to see you eager to learn!
{Our family}
From 11.13

{Dear Abby, I miss you so much. Love, Alice.
I love you, Abby...}
From 1.13

{I'm sorry I can't watch any shows, Mom and Dad.
I'm so sorry.}
Post-sick show detoxing.
She was having withdrawals.
From 1.15

And a few things since I first wrote this...

Somedays you change your mind about being a mom.
"Being a mom looks too hard!"
Instead, you say you want to be a Nana!

You spend hours each day writing and creating.
Our house is currently covered in Valentine's Day decorations you made.

We're now taking care of a foster baby.
You astound us with how quick you are to love a baby you know may not stay.
May your heart always be so quick to love and care for people!
You also say very wise things like, "I don't know how long God wants us to take care of Eve,
but I'm really glad she's here now."

You almost always refuse to participate in group games and activities.
We're working on that.

You desperately want to share a room with Clementine.
That's sweet.
You may change your mind when you realize how often she still wakes at night.

You still have crazy long hair.
I think you've had 6 hair cuts.
Whenever I suggest getting it cut shorter
(usually when you're unhappy with me brushing it),
you say no.

One of my most favorite things is when I tell you,
"I love being your mom."
and you respond,
"I love being your kid."

I think that about catches us up!

We love you, Alice Claire!

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