Saturday, January 31, 2015


Ben's parents gifted us a family trip to Breckenridge for Christmas.
The parents, their 3 kids + spouses + kids.
It was SO fun!

We have a little tradition of going out to breakfast before we head out on a road trip.
This time: Snooze in Denver.

Our first stop was the X-country ski lodge.
Ben's parents were skiing.
Clementine and I snuggled by the fire.

Ben and Alice played in the snow.

It was SO beautiful!

Where we stayed:

There was an indoor hot tub, which was so fun.
Alice and Uncle JB:

On our first full day, we took our girls to the Children's Museum.
Clementine in the bear cave:

Ben and Alice's MagnaTile tower:
It's a great little Children's Museum!

When we got home,
Clementine and Ben napped, while Alice and I played outside.
We went sledding.

Then, while running and pulling Alice in the sled on the street outside the house,
I slipped.
Fell straight down and tried to catch myself.
Broke my wrist.
(That picture was actually a few days later once the swelling went down.
The other side of my arm was black and brown, too.)
I opted out of going to the ER.
Partly because it would've cost us a LOT of money since we hadn't paid into our insurance deductible at all in 2014. Thank you, Jesus.
But mainly because Nurse Debbie looked it over and said they'd simply immobilize it.
So, I did that.
For the record, it's now 6 weeks later and my wrist feels great.
Totally healed.

Back to the trip.
Pictures from here on out are very scarce since I was one-handed.

A cute little fox visited.

Sledding with Daddy:

Family dinners each night:

Getting hurt was a huge bummer...especially since it happened the first day.
However, it forced me to slow down.
We ended up having a very relaxing long weekend.
It was lovely!

Well, the drive back was not lovely.
Took over 4 hours.
Thankfully, the girls were troopers!


Miss G said...

BUMMER about your wrist! I am impressed with how you handled it though. Inspiring and thought provoking since I probably would have headed straight in.

Love the little fox! We used to see one in our neighborhood occasionally but not lately. :(

I didn't know there was a children's museum in Breck! David is in LOVE with children's museums. We may have to go. :)

We love Snooze! Yum! Fun tradition! I need to hear more about your packing the car strategy then because I feel like we are always frazzled heading out on the road and then pushing our time frame and not in a relaxed mood to stop and eat before we even get much ground covered. :)

Melissa said...

My packing the car strategy: Fold down the back row in the minivan. Throw everything we may possibly need in the back. It's absurd, but it works for us. :)

Re: wrist, I took lots of calcium, magnesium, vitamin K2 and drank bone stock to help aid in the healing.

The children's museum wasn't huge, but it was really fun! Alice and Clementine both loved it!