Thursday, February 19, 2015


"I sorry for being rude this day, Mom.
Love, Alice
Mom, I love you."

Sweet note!
I found it glued to the window.
With a glue stick.

Her next note was,
"I'm sorry I glued the picture, Mom."

Love her.

All day, every day...

Alice spends most of her days writing.
Some of her notes are pretty funny.
I'm going to start posting my favorites. :)

"Family's picture from Alice. I love pajamas, Mom."

My little Valentines.

Love this.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January, in review.

Photo no particular order. :)

On a walk.
Love our Phil and Ted's stroller and it's ability to hold 3 children.
(I make the biggest one walk 98% of the time.)

We had a few sick days. :(
Nothing crazy, just low grade fevers and being sleepy/grumpy.
Enough to stay in pajamas, make a bed in the living room,
and watch an absurd amount of PBS Kids.

It's rare that she falls asleep on me these days.
I loved this moment.

When the baby has visits with her mama,
I get time with just Clementine.
(Alice is in preschool those days.)
We often go for walks to the park and stop by a cute little coffee shop.
I love this time with her!

I set up an art center for Alice.
She pretty much has stayed here for the past 4 weeks.
Having a creative kid is fun...but messy.

Cake decorating with Lilly!

I broke our crib.
(I blamed it on having a broken wrist. I was too rough with it.)
So, we needed a new (to us) one.
God pretty much just handed us this one...for free!
I love when he does that!

Returning to Foster Care

After taking a full year off (except for some respite care), 
we're now caring for a sweet baby girl.
We call her Eve.
She was brought to our home when she was 4 days old.

She's doing really great!
It's a tricky case, as most are.
We don't know how long we'll be caring for her,
but we're loving every day.

Three kids feels hard. 
This is the third time we've had 3 kids and it's hard every single time.
Maybe it's having 2 babies?
Maybe it's the 17 foster care-related appointments we had in January?
(It's SO much more than just caring for another child.)

We're hanging in there.

Coffee: pretty much our greatest physical support these days.
Thank you, Coffee.
I love you.