Sunday, February 1, 2015

January, in review.

Photo no particular order. :)

On a walk.
Love our Phil and Ted's stroller and it's ability to hold 3 children.
(I make the biggest one walk 98% of the time.)

We had a few sick days. :(
Nothing crazy, just low grade fevers and being sleepy/grumpy.
Enough to stay in pajamas, make a bed in the living room,
and watch an absurd amount of PBS Kids.

It's rare that she falls asleep on me these days.
I loved this moment.

When the baby has visits with her mama,
I get time with just Clementine.
(Alice is in preschool those days.)
We often go for walks to the park and stop by a cute little coffee shop.
I love this time with her!

I set up an art center for Alice.
She pretty much has stayed here for the past 4 weeks.
Having a creative kid is fun...but messy.

Cake decorating with Lilly!

I broke our crib.
(I blamed it on having a broken wrist. I was too rough with it.)
So, we needed a new (to us) one.
God pretty much just handed us this one...for free!
I love when he does that!

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