Friday, March 27, 2015

A mini update on the bigs

She's getting close to walking, but isn't quite there, yet.
Where she lacks in gross motor skills, she makes up in language.
She probably has 30+ signs and says around that many words, too.
She has a kind, nurturing heart and is always very sweet and gentle with the baby.
Teeth: 5
Also, she makes us laugh!

She is so fun!
She loves writing, reading the Action Bible with Ben, art projects,
visiting the garden store, swimming, playing with the fairy garden, building, 
and watching as many shows as we will allow.
Her last day of preschool is next week and then we'll be venturing into Kindergarten in the fall.
She turned 5 today, which has been a very big topic around here for the past 3-4 months.
Alice is so awesome with her little sisters and cannot wait for Clementine to share a room with her.
She's very big into picking out her own {unique} outfits:

{Not our cat. I don't do cats.}

Alice's birthday wishlist:
Pictures [heart heart]
Art supplies [heart]
Candy [heart]
Picture of me
[lots of hearts]

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