Friday, March 27, 2015

Ben's Birthday and the Weekend of Awesomeness

A little celebration with Ben's family-
matching dresses from Nepal.

And now, for the very best thing:

Ben and I spent the weekend at the Broadmoor.
2 full nights of sleep.
Slept in.
Lots of reading in comfy chairs by fires.
 Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries gifted to us by my mom:

Eating meals whenever we want.
Nachos at 10pm for dinner? Alright!
We went to a movie.
Went to a cooking class.
Went to a spirits class on Old Fashions.
Drank boozy coffee:

The weather was perfect.

Sunday morning brunch before going to get the girls:

I don't think we realized how much we needed this time.
The reality is, we've been caring for a newborn/infant since August of 2012.

As it turns out,
not only do we still love each other,
we still really LIKE each other, too!

It was perfect.
Every moment was perfect!

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