Saturday, June 20, 2015


I've been thinking about you all day, little one!
I cannot wait to see your sweet face!
Remembering you always, but especially today.

Love, your mama

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Master Bedroom

Sometimes, when I start feeling discouraged about how many things I'd like to work on in our home,
and how little time I have to actually do it,
I pull up the pictures I took when we first saw this house. 

For example,

and now:

Slowly...slowly...but it's getting closer!

She walks!!!!

It's a big deal when all babies walk.
I totally get that.
But, when your baby is 15, 16, 17, 18...months old and not walking,
it becomes an even bigger deal.

After 10 months of occupational therapy,
(At 8 months old, she wasn't even bearing weight on her little legs.
No real diagnosis.
We believe she likely just had poor muscle tone.)

Our OT is awesome!!
She worked with us to get her standing, kneeling, going up the stairs,
walking assisted, and now she's officially a walker!

We still have some work to do, 
but she's making HUGE progress!

(And this mama can see the light at the end of the
"I carry two babies everywhere." 

Weekend o' fun!

There's pretty much one weekend a year when we have fun foster family perks!

1. Free circus tickets!

I wish I had captured Alice's reaction when she saw the MERMAIDS!
It was pretty magical.

2. The North Pole!
It would typically cost our family a million dollars to go there.
(Okay, $63 since both babies are free, but still.
It's a lot of money when we only last about 2 hours.)
This is a fun day sponsored by CASA.
$4 + free lunch.
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
(Did you catch what I did there?)


It always feels like it's officially summer when we go to a Sky Sox game with Ben's work.

This time, we put the babies to bed and got a sitter to come monitor their sleeping. :)

It was a beautiful night, perfect for a game!

Look what I made!

Gluten free bagels!!!!

Can you tell that I'm pretty proud of myself?
Not only did I take a picture of them,
I'm now posting the picture on the internet. :) 

Should you be a a bagel-craving gluten freer,
this is the Pamela's bread mix recipe.
I'll be making them again.
Next time, with lox + cream cheese + red onions + capers!


Alice got this butterfly kit for Christmas.
It's been sitting on the shelf, waiting for the temps to get warm enough to order the caterpillars.

5 caterpillars arrived on our porch about a month ago.
They were so fun to watch!

Then, chrysalides. 

Then, butterflies!

Alice would crack me up when she'd sweetly say to them,
"Awe! I remember when you guys were just BABIES!"

Then, it was time to release them.
We planted flowers to entice them to visit us again.

After they flew away, Alice cried.
For two hours.
She missed them, worried about them, wanted them back.
She watches for them every day.

I could empathize.
There's a 2 1/2 year old-sized whole in my heart.
A little one we had to say goodbye to.
Someone we love dearly.
Someone who still keeps me waiting with baited breath for my phone to ring.
I have to remind myself every. single. day. that God is watching over her,
God loves her,
God is taking care of her.
I can trust Him with her...and with all of my children.

Foster care.

Behold, the power of $30.

This summer has almost driven me to Pinterest. 

(I had to shut it down when it got too big,
and most of the links don't work,
and now it's 95% yuck.)

But the big one,
she makes me kind of nutty.
She's a project girl.
Likes to stay busy.
Likes to create.
So, I'm trying to revamp some of our existing toys and play areas.

So, here's the first one:

Old $20 playhouse + new astroturf and picket fence = hours of play...with Clementine!!
It's awesome.
Worth every one of those 3,000 pennies!

Alice's outfits: a review

99% of the time, we let Alice wear whatever she wants.
We only really have one rule:
shorts under dresses/skirts. :)

I thought I should start documenting some of the more...creative...picks.

Going to the gym:

At KidPower:


Garden of the Gods:

Worm hunting in the rain:

Grocery store:

For the love of doors!

I'm still painting trim.
But, every time I see our new doors, hardware, and hinges,
it makes me so happy!
I love doing house updates like this.

"God made everything."

(from April 2015)

Eve's room

I'm pretty sure it's my favorite room in our house these days.

Thanks, Walmart!

I think matching sister outfits are cute and fun,
but I'm cheap.
Thanks to Walmart, they have matchy outfits for a total of $18. 


A family portrait,
by Alice

The Great Sand Dunes 2015!

Alice has been anticipating this trip for a long, long time.
It was so fun to go back again with our buddies!

The rest of these picture were taken by Steve.
Thanks, Steve!!

More Easter cuteness


I love these 3...and how much they love each other!


Easter: 6 years of white dresses :)







Alice's 5th Birthday!

We had Alice's 5th birthday party at Toy Station/School Crossing.
The theme she picked was "Princess Pajama Party".

They provided a very sweet party host who facilitated it all:
games, crafts, parade, gifts, etc. 
It was super easy for Ben and I!

I'm so thankful Alice has such sweet friends!