Saturday, June 13, 2015

Alice's outfits: a review

99% of the time, we let Alice wear whatever she wants.
We only really have one rule:
shorts under dresses/skirts. :)

I thought I should start documenting some of the more...creative...picks.

Going to the gym:

At KidPower:


Garden of the Gods:

Worm hunting in the rain:

Grocery store:


Miss G said...

baby legs as arm warmers!!! I never would have thought of it! AND those glitter velcro tennies?! Fantastic! Where does one get such shoes? Kelly

Melissa said...

Kelly, the shoes are Sketchers. Twinkle Toes, or something. I got them for free, but am considering buying a new pair for her. The ones she wears have seen better days, for sure!! :/