Saturday, June 13, 2015


Alice got this butterfly kit for Christmas.
It's been sitting on the shelf, waiting for the temps to get warm enough to order the caterpillars.

5 caterpillars arrived on our porch about a month ago.
They were so fun to watch!

Then, chrysalides. 

Then, butterflies!

Alice would crack me up when she'd sweetly say to them,
"Awe! I remember when you guys were just BABIES!"

Then, it was time to release them.
We planted flowers to entice them to visit us again.

After they flew away, Alice cried.
For two hours.
She missed them, worried about them, wanted them back.
She watches for them every day.

I could empathize.
There's a 2 1/2 year old-sized whole in my heart.
A little one we had to say goodbye to.
Someone we love dearly.
Someone who still keeps me waiting with baited breath for my phone to ring.
I have to remind myself every. single. day. that God is watching over her,
God loves her,
God is taking care of her.
I can trust Him with her...and with all of my children.

Foster care.

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