Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July!

We had a really great day!


Swimming while the babies and daddy napped:

Firework art!
{pancake griddle + crayons}

Alice made dinner for the kids.

And I made fresh bagels for a yummy dinner for Ben and I:

And the next day,
we spent time with the family.

A Shower for Stef

I am completely ecstatic for my friend.

I can't wait!
I can't wait!
I can't wait!

A nap

It's so rare, but it's really sweet when it happens.

Flannel Christmas pajamas in July, unicorn, and a "nest".


I was weirdly afraid of slugs as a child.
I distinctly remember a time when one was on my leg.
I tried to shake it off, but it was slimily stuck and I freaked out.

Alice loves slugs.
I do not allow them inside the house, 
but I'm trying to be okay with her playing with them.
Parenting: It sure does stretch my comfort zone!


Alice loved VBS this year.

However, she was not interested in wearing the shirt.
At least she was easy to spot in the sea of blue!

"Do not conform to the pattern of this world..."


One day, I got Alice started on an art project (water pastels + paper)
and then I laid down and took a catnap while the babies napped.

When I woke up...about 30 minutes later...this is what I saw:

I first thought she was a ladybug.
A strawberry!
She's making her best "strawberry face" in these photos.

I love it!

You dip them in water and draw.
Easy peasy.
Best part: they wash off just as quickly and easily as they go on.
Alice wiped it completely clean with a few baby wipes.
And they last forever.
We've had the same set for years now.

Father's Day 2015

I didn't just marry up.
I married WAAAAAY up.

He's our rock.
He's incredibly patient.
Incredibly kind.
Always loving.
Always gracious.

I'm so thankful our girls have him for their daddy!