Monday, September 21, 2015

Dear Clementine,

Oh, sweet Clementine.
You are a blessing to our little family.

You crack us up with your many expressions.

You impress us with your language.
(Things like, "More milk please, Mama?" and "No, Alice! It's mine!")

You make us proud with when you stand up for yourself
and when you get hurt, but try again.

You make us smile when you sing "Let it go",
the ABC's, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and "Ring around the Rosie". 

You frustrate me when you refuse to try new foods and barely eat any dinner.
(Though I act like it doesn't bother me.)

You melt our hearts when you give Alice big hugs when she's sad and
check on the baby when she cries.
You are a comforter.

You love to play outside.
Your favorite color is purple.
You sleep with a little bunny lovey...same one since you were born.
You love your pacifiers, but can only have them in the crib and in the car.
(And that will change soon. You've been forewarned.) 
You love playing in the childcare at the gym.
You are my sidekick...almost always right by me.
You say, "Tutu? Tutu?", every morning when it's time to get dressed.
You pooped on the potty last week. 
(I know it won't happen again for a very long time. I was just shocked you asked!)
You laid on the floor and pretended to be a snake in the middle of Home Depot:
Daddy and I laughed so hard as we remembered this and this.
(Your big sister doing the exact same thing!)

We thank Jesus for the gift we received in you!

Love, Mama

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