Monday, September 21, 2015


Dear Alice,
In a blink of an eye, 
you became a Kindergartner!

(She's enrolled in a 1 day/wk school program for homeschoolers.)

Here are some things about you at almost 5 1/2 years old:

You would wear pajamas or a costume 100% of the time, if you were allowed to do so.

You absolutely adore your little sisters.
You are helpful, patient, generous, and (almost always) kind to them.

You have insight about foster care, and our role in it, that often catches me off guard.

You love Jesus.

You are an auditory learner.
(Ex: You learned 8 Awana verses last week just by listening to the CD in the car.)

You love reading and writing.
(You are significantly less passionate about math.)

You could spend hours making art projects and building with magna-tiles.

You are very sensitive.
You can be easily hurt by friends' words and actions.
(We're working on that...and believe being sensitive is a good thing. :) )

I'm pretty sure Daddy is your favorite. 
That's okay.
He really is awesome and I hope and pray your future husband is just like him!

We absolutely adore you, sweet girl!
We love watching you grow up, but wish we could put it in slow-motion for awhile.

Love, Mama

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