Thursday, December 17, 2015

Clementine, age 2

Things I don't want to forget:

-Clementine is a question-asker.
"Where we goin', Mama?" when we get in the car.
"What you makin', Mama?" when I'm cooking.

-She knows the colors and it's really cute.
It's been fun to see her pick up on things like that from Alice.
Counting, TONS of pretend play, using markers and glue, playing with the tiny Legos...
I think she often seems older than barely 2.

-However, she's still tiny. :)
I've worried about her being with the big kids at the gym,
but the report I always get is, "She holds her own!" and
"The other kids are so gentle with her because she's so much smaller than them."

-She loves all things nurturing.
Plays with the little dollhouse all the time.
Constantly takes care of her little babies.
She's quick to run over to give kisses and icepacks for any owie.
Often gives us hugs and says, "I miss you, Mama/Daddy/Alice!"

One night, she was crying and I went in to cover her back up.
She looked up sleepily and said, "Thank you, Mama."
Melted my heart.

-Say's "Superhero me, Mama!"
This means she wants me to tie a cape on her.
She also chooses to wear "Superman shirt" whenever it's an option.
(usually with a tutu)

-Clementine recently discovered she can get a cup and fill it up with water from the refrigerator...
all by herself.

-Still a picky eater, but she sometimes surprises us.
Last night, she ate the lion's share of broccoli.

-LOVES spending time with Ben and says, "Ticka me!"
She can't wait for him to come home from work so she can "show you".
(Show him all the things from the day.)

-She can often be found looking at, and talking about, a book, which I love!
Today, "Awe! Adigator (alligator) fall down."
:turned the page:
"He stand up!"

-Clementine is resilient!
She falls down, says, "I okay!" and jumps back up.
Nothing keeps her down for long.
I hope this is a lifelong character trait for her!

-She wants to do anything and everything Alice does.
The other day when I was brushing her hair,
she said, "Be careful, Mama."
That's Alice talk!

Those two are best friends.
They spend most of their days playing together, which I love.
I have worried that their 3 1/2 year age difference would be too much for them to be good buddies.
Definitely not the case for now!

Last week, I cut the pacifiers and we took the "broken" paci's to Target to exchange them for a toy.

-Current favorite song: The Little Drummer Boy

She makes my heart want to explode!
Our precious gift, Clementine.

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Miss G said...

Melissa!! These videos are sooo precious!! I love them so much! She is ADORABLE. I love hearing all these little things about her. Reminds me of my Cora, she is a question asker too. And Alice's hair looks lovely in a bun. And my brother and I are three years apart and a bit and we have always been close and still are. One of my favorite people to hang out with. Kelly