Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Homeschooling, part 2

We're 3 months in and I seriously cannot believe how much I am loving homeschooling!

Weighing rocks:


Tea parties:

Sorting and classifying:


Legos! Both girls love them.
I love the learning that happens with them!

LOTS of reading:

Sometimes, we go out for lunch...just for fun. :)

Baths. SO many baths.
We draw in the tub,
play with bubbles,
have "ocean" baths and "glow baths"...
so many baths.

I found this Marble Works set for $2 at a garage sale years ago.
Such a fun find!

Alice discovered she could make rainbows by spraying water in the sun.

We read a book about a little girl who traveled the world to make an apple pie.
So, we traveled around Colorado Springs to get ingredients for ours:
1. That's a $20 gluten free apple pie.
2. The girls learned they do not like apple pie.
3. I learned apple pie makes a delicious breakfast.

Field trip to a pumpkin patch:

In the fall, we tried to be intentional about going to playgrounds.
Such a fun way to challenge Clementine physically.

We learned about the ocean and went to the aquarium in Denver.
So fun!

Playing with magnets:

MagnaTiles on the "light table" I made.
MagnaTiles=worth every. single. penny.


We read "A Cranberry Thanksgiving" and did lots of fun activities,
including this sensory bin with our buddies:

We've turned many grocery trips into field trips.
Takes forever, but the girls love it!

Art. A large amount of our day is spent doing various art projects.

Clementine likes to help sharpen the colored pencils. :)

On our first "snow day":


Learning at the library:

Another one of our favorite toys:

Loved this picture from a walk around our block:

She made puppets, then a puppet theater.
We watched a YouTube video about Jim Henson.

Puppet shows for days and days!

More sensory tables:

Seriously, so much art.

Picking and eating fresh herbs.
(Aerogarden is awesome.)


Sledding...the best kind of recess, according to Alice.

Alice and I do sit-down, more structured work together, too. 
I'll write about that later!

I just love it.
I'm so incredibly thankful this is a possibility for our family.
I'm so thankful for these moments!

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